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Menu Allowance Programs

When you feature Smithfield or Farmland products on your menu, you’ll receive up to $150. Plus, you’ll be using the power of these great brands to satisfy your customers. Here’s how it works: feature one Smithfield and/or Farmland item on your menu and receive $50.00. Feature 2 Smithfield and/or Farmland items and receive $100. And,…

Rebate Programs

Reward yourself with Farmland products. You can make a lot more than great dishes with Farmland products; you can make some money too. When you participate in our rebate program or feature Farmland items on your menu, we’ll reward you with cold, hard cash. Rebate Programs For more information on the current rebates, please contact…

Roller Grill Program

Farmland’s Hot Dog and Smoked Sausage Merchandising Program is a great opportunity for you to get the items you need to sell more hot dogs and smoked sausages and earn greater profits! Through the program, you earn rebates to cover the full cost of the program merchandising items you order just by purchasing Farmland Hot…

Recipe Videos

Chef Frank talks BBQ

Watch our own Chef Frank as he explains regional variations in BBQ and adds his own special touch to recipes.

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This Month’s

Pork Special.

BBQ Means Regional Tastes.

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Pork: Get Smoky With It

When it comes to smoking meat, pork is the easiest and most versatile protein to work with. Find out why.

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