Menu Allowance Programs

When you feature Smithfield or Farmland products on your menu, you’ll receive up to $150. Plus, you’ll be using the power of these great brands to satisfy your customers.

Here’s how it works: feature one Smithfield and/or Farmland item on your menu and receive $50.00. Feature 2 Smithfield and/or Farmland items and receive $100. And, if you feature 3 Smithfield and/or Farmland products, you’ll receive $150!

The cash incentive is our way of saying thank you for promoting Smithfield and Farmland brand products. The biggest reward, however, will be among your satisfied customers.

If you would like to receive a digital copy of the Smithfield and/or Farmland logo via email, please call our toll-free DSR/Operator Help Line at 1-888-FARMLAND (327-6526).

Program Letter Rebate Form W-9 Form

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