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the U.S. and beyond.

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Smithfield Foods.

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BBQ means Flavor Freshness.

And our variety means something for every BBQ lover.

Smithfield Foods offers a comprehensive portfolio of fresh BBQ pork products unmatched in the food industry. Included are an extensive variety of cuts you can use to create irresistibly delicious BBQ menu items. Our fresh pork is of the highest quality and our respected brand name represents the ultimate in taste, satisfaction and versatility. You’ll find the perfect selection of pork cuts for all your operation’s BBQ needs at Smithfield Foods.

We feature a variety of fresh, premium BBQ-ready pork cuts including Butts, Loins, Chops, Tenderloin and Ribs that are sure to please your customers.


BBQ means Ready-to-Eat.

And pre-cooked choices mean serving convenience.

Now, you can add authentic guest-pleasing BBQ favorites to your menu without any of the hassle. Genuine slow hickory-smoked and fully cooked, all our pre-cooked BBQ products are ready to use in minutes. With these delicious, heat-and-serve favorites, there’s never been a faster way to serve the authentic taste of slow-smoked BBQ.

Choose from everyone’s favorite, ribs, either hickory-smoked or slow cooked; ribbits, a buffalo wing alternative that’s fun to share; or roasted and seared pork shoulder, ready-to-serve pork perfect for everything from Mexican fare to classic comfort foods to signature creations.
For additional product information, contact a sales representative at 888-327-6526, or complete our contact form.

Watch our own Chef Frank as he explains regional variations in BBQ and adds his own special touch to recipies.

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Chef Rob Magee, Owner of Q39, offers his award-winning expertise and unique insights on Kansas City BBQ.

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Spice up your menu with a mouth-watering collection of BBQ pork recipes — from the classics to the latest on-trend ideas.

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