From handhelds to sharebles to mini-meals, Smithfield satisfies all snack lovers with deliciously craveable favorites. Snacking – any meal eaten outside of breakfast, lunch and dinner – is exploding in popularity due to increasingly busy lifestyles and the expanding availability of choices to satisfy cravings all day long.

Operators are turning up their culinary creativity and expanding their offerings with these new and different menu options. Typical fare, like frozen mozzarella sticks, is being replaced by unique on-the-go items, small plates such as tapas, and mini entrees that are satisfying yet not filling.

Smithfield can help you fill in those gaps between meals when people seek quick, yet quality, satisfaction. From fresh products like butts, bellies and tenderloins, to a variety of fully cooked items such as pulled pork, barbacoa and ham, we offer the broadest portfolio in the industry, and we can also offer the insights you need to create snack menus that build business between mealtimes.

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Watch as our distinguished group of chefs discuss the evolving state of snacking today.

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More and more busy consumers are opting for smaller meals throughout the day. And Smithfield knows snacking.

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From handhelds to sharables to mini entrees, Smithfield offers a collection of irresistible recipes for snack lovers.

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