The Breakfast Boom

The Big 3 now
bigger than ever.

Nothing says breakfast like bacon, sausage and ham. And while they will always be served in classic favorites, they’re also being featured in more unique and innovative creations than ever before, like ethnic variations and all-day items. Smithfield, the breakfast experts, offers the Big 3 product variety and versatility you need to satisfy these new breakfast demands. For additional product information, contact a sales representative at 888-327-6526, or complete our contact form.

Bacon Sales Continue To Explode.

There's no stopping the ubiquitous bacon. Every daypart. Every style of food. From appetizers to desserts. As the popularity of bacon continues to explode, there seems to be no limit to its sizzling versatility as it expands into every corner of menus nationwide. Chefs are concocting signature creations, from salads to sandwiches to soups and desserts with this mouth-watering pork cut. There is no better bacon than Smithfield bacon. We offer the highest standards for taste and the versatility to serve every occasion. Click for Smithfield bacon recipes and ideas.

Sausage Shows Its Versatility

Fully cooked or raw, patties or links, sausage creates memorable meals. For classic breakfasts or unique and on-trend signature creations, Smithfield offers just the delicious sausage options to cater to your every need. We chop, grind and flavor our sausage with a proprietary blend of special spices. Our sausage is then chilled to less than 40 degrees to ensure that every sausage produced has the absolute best flavor possible. To discover how Smithfield can get your breakfast sales booming, call your Smithfield sales representative. Click for Smithfield sausage recipes and ideas.

Ham Takes Center Stage

Ham has evolved from just being everyone's favorite holiday meal centerpiece to become a savory superstar. Especially when your recipes include ham from Smithfield. We're committed to meticulous standards with every ham we sell. We slow-smoke our meat with natural hickory for a minimum of 5 hours to ensure that all of our ham has a rich mahogany color, deep aroma and that undeniably delicious Smithfield flavor. Count on us for the delicious variety that allows you to serve up a memorable meal experience for your customers every time.

1 Datassential Menu Trends 2016

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More and more busy consumers are opting for smaller meals throughout the day. And Smithfield knows snacking.

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From handhelds to sharables to mini entrees, Smithfield offers a collection of irresistible recipes for snack lovers.

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