Conventional Fresh Pork

By offering delicious, high-quality primal pork
products, most of which are produced from our own
herds, Smithfield Farmland provides a complete
line of fresh conventional pork…cut to your
specifications and operational needs. Upon delivery,
all products arrive in branded Smithfield Farmland
packaging. These include: bellies (bacon),
butts, offals, lard, hams, jowls, loins, picnics,
spareribs and trim.

Conventional Pork

Find out how our Smithfield line, the platinum standard of pork products, can create a signature menu for you.

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Featuring a comprehensive product portfolio, Farmland is the pork that operators would be proud to serve their families.

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High-quality primal pork products makes Smithfield Farmland’s conventional pork product line fresh and all natural.

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