It’s the bacon with the log-smoked taste guests remember. The bacon that ramps up any recipe and brings them back again and again. Smithfield Platinum Log Smoked Bacon is quite simply an exceptional bacon. It’s slow smoked for 12 hours, nearly twice the usual, over real full-size apple wood logs. This results in a blazing full-flame smoke, far superior to smoldering chips. Smoking over the full-bark and core delivers a deeper, richer, more ashy campfire flavor profile. Its slightly sweeter taste mingles with this extra smoky flavor for a super premium bacon that delivers an authentic campfire taste

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Log Smoked Bacon

Find out how our Smithfield line, the platinum standard of pork products, can create a signature menu for you.

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Featuring a comprehensive product portfolio, Farmland is the pork that operators would be proud to serve their families.

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High-quality primal pork products makes Smithfield Farmland’s conventional pork product line fresh and all natural.

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